I can strongly recommend one of Fern’s classes or presentations to anyone who wishes to better understand themselves or the greater archetypes of life - you will come away feeling truly enriched. Thank you Fern, you have changed so many people’s lives.
— Megan White - Auckland

Fern is an experienced speaker and has presented entertaining and informative talks for many different occasions. Fern has spoken both as keynote speaker and support presenter at occasions such as:

- International and National Conferences - both in Tarot and Astrology

- Large Gatherings and Festivals where she has given "Tarotainment" as well as general talks on diverse topics such as the occult and esoterica, mythology, symbology and astrology.

- Small and informal groups who want more information on the occult traditions, mythology, fairy tales, tarot and astrology.

Her understanding of the history of the Western mystery traditions is deep and wide and she is an engaging and at times, hilarious speaker.



Roses, Apples and Pentacles

Cracking the Da Vinci Codes by exploring the symbolism of our everyday lives. Once we start looking it's easy to discover how our lives are crammed full of hidden codes and secrets. "Seek the orb that speaks of rosy flesh and seeded womb" and come on a guided tour of roses, apples and pentacles.

Is Life A Game of Cards?

An introduction to Tarot - its history, mystery and Lore.

Awesome Oracles

Explore a single question through the lens of several oracular tools - runes, goddess stones, the I Ching, tarot cards etc. (This can also include a mini-tarot reading with Fern).

Use Tarot to Create your Goals

Help to create new goals, dream new dreams and how to turn them into reality. (Good for the beginning of a New Year).


Ransacking Fairy tales, mythology, art history and popular culture for a better understanding of how symbolism works. Using tarot and astrology in particular and oracles in general, as well as exploring our dreaming and waking lives. Including colour and numbers symbolism.

The Feminine and the Masculine - Archetypes or stereotypes?

Are Men from Mars and Women from Venus? Are we regurgitating old sexist agendas into the New Age dogma, not to mention the mainstream chatter?

Magic for a Secular Age

Is there any magic left? Or have the corporate giants of TV, movies and consumerism gobbled it all up? What do we mean when we use the words Soul or Spirit? Where did the idea of Love go? Are romance and enchantment just nursery and fairy tales for children?


Fairies have been with us for ages. What do Fairies symbolise for us in this secular, rationalist society? Everything and anything you've ever wanted to know about Fairies.

Tarot for Two

Whether exploring your connection with a friend, a relative, or an intimate lover, this talk's/workshop's activities will enrich that relationship.

Developing Psychic and Intuitive Abilities - Get down with your chakras

A workshop designed to develop your intuitive faculties. Down-to-earth techniques and support while you uncover your own unique talents. Self-discovery guaranteed!

Pagan Philosophy for a Materialist Age

How did people think before Christian, and recently scientific ideology colonized the Western consciousness? Is there really a split between heaven and earth as Christian thinking posits? Is matter "dead" as scientists tell us - or is our earth alive as indigenous people tend to think? The contemporary Green Movement has been changing our ideas about our habitat, but generally consumers in a capitalist society compartmentalize their ideas about their environment. Enter a dialogue as to whether the older pagan ideas, such as the existence of a World Soul and "as above, so below", have relevance to our urban lives today.

The Gods of Astrology

Fern has recently been in Greece where her passion for classical gods was re-awakened and deepened.

She explores just how much the old gods inform our modern popular culture as well as their use in modern Astrology. Fern's early astrological learning was infused with mythological wisdom as an underpinning of Astrology in the 1970s and '80s. Nowadays, in this technology, scientific and business-orientated age, do the Olympian gods hold any relevance?

To talk over any of these options, or to develop something completely new, please contact Fern through our booking form.