Fern Mercier is an insightful and compassionate astrologer who encourages a dialogue with clients. This dialogue provides a space to see how the astrological imprint sits with the experiences that are occurring in a client’s life at the time. Fern’s deep, dynamic knowledge of astrology means that you can seek understanding and also learn how the astrology of the chart is working. I have been consulting with Fern for over 20 years and love to engage in discussion with her about astrology. She approaches life from a feminist perspective which makes her an excellent guide. Fern strikes just the right balance between a mentor/advisor and providing all the tools so clients can learn how to help themselves.
— Rachel Renner - Vienna


Astrology is a universal language that works for everyone. I love the way its ageless wisdom is so relevant, so contemporary, so 21st century.

A natal chart is like a roadmap signposting your birth potential - the stuff you are and how to use that more fully in your everyday life. Having your horoscope read is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships, your family dynamics, your work or career prospects and expectations.

If you're a parent you might like to have your baby or child's chart looked at. This can help to more objectively identify the differences and similarities you share with your child within the family network.

People consult Astrology when they're looking to find their place in the bigger picture.


You might want your birth chart read

  • for guidance in love and relationship choices
  • for help with decision-making and problem solving
  • to look creatively at work and career decisions
  • to explore future options
  • to find direction, clarity and insight.

You benefit from regular and personalised updates, and using in conjunction with the the Tarot will throw light on your horoscope and vice versa.



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